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Growth and Development

As at the reporting date of December 31, 2013, a total of 18,555 employees (full-time) are employed at TÜV Rheinland Group. The annual average number of employees rose from 17,218 to 17,947; this represents an increase of 4.2% compared to the previous year.

The increase in the overall number of employees is based, on the one hand, on a continuous increase in Germany of 4.2% and, on the other hand – as a result of significant revenue growth in Brazil and the Gulf States – on international growth of 4.3%.

Chart: Total staff

A key component of TÜV Rheinland’s corporate culture is human resources management that shows appreciation to employees, since employees are the company’s strength. This appreciation is reflected in numerous initiatives and measures. For example, last year TÜV Rheinland signed the »Diversity Charter«, an initiative supported by the German federal government. The goal of this initiative is to create a working environment that – as is also stipulated in the company’s mission statement – is free of prejudices, and instead is characterized by respect and esteem, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or world view, disability, age, sexual orientation, or identity.

TÜV Rheinland is conscious of the fact that diversity in all of its facets is a strength which will be systematically expanded. As such, diversity plays an important role as part of the company’s human resources goals. Each and every day, people from 94 nations work at over 500 locations in 65 countries toward the success of TÜV Rheinland – meaning diversity is practiced on a daily basis. TÜV Rheinland promotes the exchange of ideas and opinions between the world’s different cultures through foreign assignments, language courses, intercultural training, and employee networks.

Numerous studies show that mixed teams in which men and women across all levels work together are more successful. As such, since 2012 the human resources department has worked tirelessly toward and with numerous initiatives on placing more women in leadership positions. As part of various different projects, activities, and training measures, the company strives to support the dialog between women at TÜV Rheinland across national borders, create a strong forum for their concerns and interests, and systematically support them in their professional development. One successful example in this context is the TÜV Rheinland Mentoring Program. In this program, experienced managers meet with ambitious female employees to set a course together for a successful career as a specialist or manager at TÜV Rheinland. The program launched in 2013 with 25 pairs, and the preliminary results show that the program is a benefit to both sides.

Furthermore, TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the »Komm, mach MINT« initiative since March 2013. The four letters MINT stand for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Technology. The goal of the initiative is to get more girls and women excited about technical careers.

In addition, TÜV Rheinland wants to promote employees’ health and help them balance their careers and private lives for a number of reasons, including because the company’s workforce is increasingly growing older. Under the umbrella of the »Work & Family« program, TÜV Rheinland offers specific ways for employees to improve their work-life balance, which also includes caring for loved ones. Furthermore, TÜV Rheinland is establishing a company daycare center at its headquarters in Cologne, which will open in 2015.

»Life & Balance« stands for the development of occupational health management activities that unite preventative measures with information and prevention. This includes occupational safety measures, flu shots, supporting athletic associations, and StartFit courses on movement, nutrition, and relaxation.

A constructive dialog between employees and managers is also an important component of TÜV Rheinland’s corporate philosophy. As such, structured employee performance reviews are held at regular intervals. These form the basis for future development measures. In addition, in 2013 the company conducted the second worldwide employee survey, with around 70% of employees participating – even more than the first survey taken two years before. In this context, this year employees were more satisfied than before particularly in the areas of »Communication and Collaboration« as well as »Information on Company Goals and Cost-Effectiveness«.

A key challenge for human resources is covering the enormous demand for qualified employees worldwide. As a result, TÜV Rheinland developed a new communications campaign which more clearly highlights the special characteristics of TÜV Rheinland as an employer. A worldwide focus group survey with over 150 employees formed the basis of the new campaign. The results of the survey showed that the participants particularly value the fact that they have a meaningful job at an international and at the same time secure employer. TÜV Rheinland then incorporated these attributes into the campaign and developed new advertisements and advertising copy. At the same time, the »Jobs and Career« section of the website and the job application portal site were both completely redesigned.

TÜV Rheinland employees can choose from a wide range of development and advanced training opportunities at every stage of their career. In addition to the proven tools such as assessment/development centers, talent teams, management development programs, and the management academy modules, in the fall of 2013, the company held the first »Regional Young Professional Conference (RYPC)« for young talents from the Asia Pacific region. Here, the participants were evaluated over the course of two days by eight managers. Due to the positive feedback received, this measure will be continued in 2014 in North and South American and Europe as well. In addition, in 2014 the ability to pursue a career as a specialist wil be expanded.

Once again in 2013, TÜV Rheinland succeeded in strengthening its employer branding. In addition to being selected as a »Top Employer 2013« for the sixth time in a row, TÜV Rheinland was also named a »Next-Generation Employer« by »CSR Jobs« in cooperation with »forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften« magazine and the HRmatic GmbH HR consulting firm in Cologne. As such, TÜV Rheinland is one of ten companies which exhibits a particularly high commitment to social and environmental responsibility and has an innovative HR policy. In addition, TÜV Rheinland also received the »2014 Berlin’s Best Employer Branding« award. Within the scope of this competition, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in Hamburg and the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper looked at statements on employer quality in online forums and rating websites regarding the 200 largest companies in the city. The result was a golden seal for TÜV Rheinland.