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Employee Report

As of the reporting date of December 31, 2014, a total of 19,481 employees (full-time) are employed at TÜV Rheinland AG Group. The annual average number of employees rose from 17,947 to 19,320; this represents an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous year.

The increase in the overall number of employees is based, on the one hand, on a continuous increase in Germany of 6.1% and, on the other hand – particularly as a result of significant revenue growth in the IMEA region and acquisitions in Great Britain and North America – on international growth of 8.7%.

Chart: Total staff

In a company such as TÜV Rheinland, where success depends on the expertise, innovativeness, integrity and commitment of its employees, the human resources strategy forms a core element of corporate strategy. In a services group, growth can be achieved only if the team is also growing, and growing worldwide.

This is why TÜV Rheinland has systematically promoted the expansion of personnel management in the past few years and set strategic priorities worldwide for human resources: TÜV Rheinland would like to systematically promote staff diversity and ensure improvement in the internal feedback culture and the supply of young talents.

Even today, TÜV Rheinland already brings people together from many nations in its operations spanning 69 countries. The personnel effort is more global than ever before. More than 60% of the employees of TÜV Rheinland work abroad. This is what makes diversity an important part of the global strategy. For TÜV Rheinland, diversity means appreciating and promoting employees’ different skills and cultures. Inclusion creates the conditions for diversity by consciously focusing on these diverse skills. Diversity & inclusion are thus a central key to entrepreneurial success and employee satisfaction at TÜV Rheinland.

There are a variety of initiatives and measures that promote the areas of focus in personnel strategy. One such initiative is the Lighthouse Project for further development of the culture of leadership. Some 1,500 executives worldwide have played an active role in this process. According to the understanding of leadership as practiced at TÜV Rheinland, each manager should question him- or herself in view of gaining a grasp of one’s own views of leadership and draw conclusions from this for the manager’s own leadership behavior. With this Lighthouse Project, TÜV Rheinland seeks to define the shared center of understanding of leadership in a globally operating company. At the conclusion of the three-stage process, by summer 2015 generally accepted leadership principles will be articulated that will form part of the education and training of all managers.

A variety of change measures also resulted from the TÜV Rheinland employee survey »together«, which was carried out worldwide in 2013 for the second time. The follow-up process resulted in more than 500 implementation measures. Nearly 60% of these had already been completed by the end of 2014, and approximately 30% of the projects are ongoing activities.

TÜV Rheinland has instituted a new talent-search instrument in the form of the Young Professional Conference (YPC). At the YPC, selected talents from all over the world met for two days to discuss global megatrends and their significance for TÜV Rheinland under the guidance of senior executives from the HR area. The goal of the YPC is to identify international top talents and generate new potential business and product ideas for TÜV Rheinland.

Apart from professional and personal development of suitable employees, at TÜV Rheinland a life phase-oriented personnel policy also forms the basis for effective teamwork. Reconciliation of work and family forms an important part of our social responsibility as a company. In this regard, the offerings available through TÜV Rheinland include flexible working hours, a variety of models for parental leave, and the opportunity to work from one’s home office. Childcare spots are arranged through daycare centers, and support in the event of an emergency is provided nationwide. At the location in Cologne, beginning in May 2015 the opening of the first TÜV Rheinland company daycare center will provide added possibilities for childcare. The educational concept of the daycare centers involves plenty of exercise and healthy nutrition as well as promotion of the children’s science skills.

TÜV Rheinland also continues to offer the TAFF Mentoring Program (TAFF = TÜV Program for Future Female Specialists and Managers) as well as cooperation with the European Women’s Management Development Network (EWMD). The offerings are targeted specifically at women, systematically encouraging them in their career development.

The topic of health management is an important component as well. In the international TÜV Rheinland companies as well, the number of initiatives for a healthier lifestyle is steadily increasing. For example, the Indian employees now regularly use the news section of the »blueye« company portal to disseminate health and nutrition tips.

Another challenge of the globalized world is that of standardization of HR systems. In order to lay the groundwork for the development of global career paths, particularly for careers as specialists, TÜV Rheinland has made it its goal to introduce a uniform job-evaluation system throughout the Group. When the project is complete, each position throughout the organization will be assigned a global grade. To implement this, TÜV Rheinland has selected a system with a proven track record on the market, a system already successfully in use at a variety of leading companies.

TÜV Rheinland has received the »Top Employer« award for the seventh time in a row. In the »Secondary Benefits & Work-Life Balance« category, TÜV Rheinland placed among the top 10 of the 125 rated companies, and it even rated second in the »Corporate Culture Management« category. TÜV Rheinland has also received Total E-Quality recognition, which evaluates the extensive range of measures for equal opportunities between men and women. In the Women’s Career Index, an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, TÜV Rheinland reached eighth place. The company health management area was also nominated for the prestigious HR Excellence Award in 2014. And TÜV Rheinland in Hong Kong can proudly display the »Happy Company« logo of the Happy Workplace Campaign for another year. The award is presented in recognition of companies that make a particular effort toward creating a pleasant working environment for their employees.