Vocational Schools and Colleges

Vocational Training at TÜV Rheinland Schools

TÜV Rheinland schools have a lot to offer - from their quality syllabus to the countless extras they include to make your professional life easier. We offer lots of opportunities for professional exploration and development. You can participate in exchange programs and field trips, try your hand in one of our student offices, or learn a new language. Or maybe you want to hone your technical skills in one of our modern workshops? We naturally offer TÜV Rheinland Premium certification in a variety of fields. And as an integral part of your studies, you can also do a professional internship - and gain work experience before you even graduate.

Benefits at a Glance

With professional training from a TÜV Rheinland school, you will:

  • Become qualified to work in any of a wide range of modern professional fields - like tourism, sports and wellness, IT, media and design, cosmetology, or in health and social services.
  • Prepare yourself for a career as a certified specialist or manager - or for further university studies.
  • Receive state-of-the-art instruction based on latest developments in modern business education.
  • Work closely with your fellow students in a positive, supportive setting.
  • Join the 80,000 professionals and managers who seek our training every year - from the industry and service sectors, to health care and government branches. Experiences that shape your training - and your life.

Fully Accredited Apprenticeships in Modern Professions

We prepare you for a successful career in any of a wide range of popular and growing industries:

  • Tourism, fitness, and wellness industry
  • Information technology
  • Media, design, and cosmetology
  • Health and social services

Our full-time vocational schooling typically lasts two years. For students wishing to complete their technical college certificate at the same time, the program lasts three years. The same applies for most health professions. A final state examination concludes the training program.

Entrepreneurial. International. Personal. Successful.

Our lessons are built upon state-mandated framework curricula and other regulations for instruction. You can also gain additional qualifications - aimed at improving your chances in your future career of choice. With these courses, you not only gain hands-on experience in your chosen field - whether at trade shows, while collaborating with fellow students, or at your required internship - but also meet potential employees from all around the world.

Professional Experience Writ Large

Our classroom lessons are supplemented by hands-on work projects. Working with a team of classmates, you solve complex professional tasks - drawn directly from real life. Our clients are typically businesses and organizations from the area. A required internship, lasting several months, completes your training. You are sure to find a suitable internship within our network of business partners - in Germany and beyond. Take the opportunity and jump start your professional development - with practical experience in a number of different companies.

Shared Learning Experiences in a Positive, Supportive Setting

We place great emphasis on creating a feeling of trust and community in our schools. We believe that learning should be fun, and that no one should feel threatened in their learning environment. Together with our students, we create a familial setting. We want to work together with you. Whether inside or outside classrooms, we maintain a friendly, fair, team-oriented, and open approach to learning - and life. From the teaching staff to the administration, we are always here to help.