Assessment and Audit of Metropolitan and Suburban Train Systems

Safe Journeys Above and Below Ground

Every day, metro and suburban trains and trams bring millions of people to where they need to be. To be able to do this efficiently and punctually, operators need their vehicles and systems to run smoothly. Our experts can carry out audits and safety assessments of your company's trains - during construction and operation. We are qualified to check the entire overground and underground rail system; be it individual trains, fully automatic components, or tunnel construction. We take care of type approval and certification of your vehicles, and also evaluate all safety concepts. This ensures that even dangerous situations, such as fire emergencies, remain completely under your control.

Benefits at a Glance

An evaluation and audit of your metropolitan and suburban train system by TÜV Rheinland enables you to:

  • Fulfill current safety and quality norms, such as the CENELEC, the European committee for electrotechnical standardization, rail engineering norms or those of the BOStrab, the tram construction and operation directive
  • Provide smooth operation of your metropolitan, suburban, or tram service and show your commitment to preventing accidents
  • Take advantage of our RAMS services, based on CENELEC norm EN 50126, to ensure that faults are already detected and prevented in the planning phase
  • Rely on our support for effective interface management with efficient, cost-effective operation
  • Benefit from our extensive knowledge of automated and highly automated metro systems and driverless suburban rail systems from all manufacturers worldwide

Operational Safety Services for Trams, Metropolitan, and Suburban Train Systems

Our experts carry out safety assessments of metropolitan and suburban rail systems, including driverless ones, in several steps: These include:

  • Assessment of records, design, and analyses
  • Audit of quality and safety management systems
  • Assistance during verification and validation measurements
  • Preparation of mid-term and final reports and certificates during the entire life-cycle of your system

Our Evaluation Reports, Audits, and Certifications – One by One

Besides type and final inspections and type accreditation and certification, we can also carry out project and interface management on your behalf. We also offer the following services:

Assessment Services

  • Independent safety assessments of your entire system: construction engineering, including tunnel construction
  • Vehicles, train safety technology, SCADA, communication systems
  • Assessment of superior safety concepts, for example, evacuation, rescue, and fireproofing concepts
  • Audit and assessment of:
    • Safety measures for entire systems and partial systems
    • Design, development, verification, and validation processes
    • Operation and maintenance organization and regulations

RAMS services according to CENELEC norm EN 50126

  • Hazard inspections based on EN 50126
  • Audit of RAMS analysis - PHA, SSHA, O&SHA, Central Hazard Log
  • Audit of hazard budget apportioning and safety requirement steps
  • Audit of tolerable hazard rates and safety targets

Our Accreditations and Licenses

  • TÜV Rheinland operates the notified body “Luxcontrol Nederland B.V.” and “FiTRail”, and is an associated partner of the audit and inspection body Eisenbahn-CERT, EBC.
  • Inspection body type A based on the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 norm
  • Certification body based on the DIN EN 45011 norm
  • Auditor for IRIS

In France we are nationally recognized as an EOQA for urban rail networks and OQ for long-distance and main line tracks. In the UK we are recognized by Network Rail and UKAS/DfT and also by IVW for accreditation audits in the Netherlands (Goedkeuring). We also offer various individual accreditations from German rail engineering approval and monitoring authorities such as the Federal Railroad Office (EBA) and TABs.