Bluetooth® Testing

Stay Connected with Bluetooth® Testing

Computers, laptops, phones, even cameras, networks, and medical devices all today rely on wireless communications technologies. However, as we’ve all experienced at one time or another, the wireless world can get disconnected very quickly – especially since there are no wires actually holding it together. TÜV Rheinland provides high-quality services to qualify and list Bluetooth™ hardware and software components and products. So everyone stays connected.

Benefits at a Glance

TÜV Rheinland provides you with comprehensive support using a wealth of expertise and know-how about the Bluetooth qualification process, including:

  • Project registration
  • Preparation of test plans
  • Product listing

Our Bluetooth® Testing Services

We offer you a comprehensive range of testing and certification, including:

  • RF
  • Baseband
  • Link manager
  • Protocol stack
  • Profiles

Products Covered

Our services cover all Bluetooth products.


Bluetooth® tests are classified according to category A, B, C, or D. Varied information is required for each project step:

  1. Submission of first set of documents, necessary before preparation of the test plan
  2. Submission of second set of documents, necessary before testing starts
  3. Submission of final set of documents, necessary for completion of the compliance folder


To acquire the right to use the Bluetooth® wireless technology and claim certification, your product is required to be tested and assessed according to the Bluetooth Qualification Program established by the Bluetooth SIG.

The most important prerequisite to any qualification and listing is for a company to be a Bluetooth “Promoter,” “Adopter,” or “Associate” member. The related adopters or associate agreements need to be up-to-date.

An overview of procedures related to Bluetooth testing and listing projects is available through TÜV Rheinland. It is not designed to amend or replace officially published information from Bluetooth SIG, such as, but not limited to, the Licensing and Trademark regulations published in the Bluetooth Brand Book.

If you’re interested in TÜV Rheinland’s Bluetooth testing and qualification services, you may also be interested in these services:

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  • WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment ) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • Management system certification (TL 9000)

Market Leader in Asia

We are a leader in the field of Bluetooth® testing and certification in Asia – the most important Bluetooth market. Our facilities in Japan and Taiwan are Bluetooth qualification test facilities (BQTF), accredited by the Bluetooth Qualification Review Board (BQRB) and offer a comprehensive range of testing and certification. In addition, our facilities Korea and Hong Kong offer similar capabilities. You can outsource qualification of Bluetooth products to any of our facilities.