LGA tested Quality

Comprehensive and Consistent Quality of Product Features

Is the children’s toy you make and sell free of harmful substances? Is it environmentally sound? Does your cookware fulfill the highest standards of functionality and heat distribution? Make it easier for your customers to make proper decisions – by having the quality of your product documented with a recognized certification mark. The "LGA Tested Quality" mark distinguishes first-class products - products that really fulfill their actual purpose. We can test operating manuals, performance characteristics, and safety.

Benefits at a Glance

With our "LGA-tested" certificate for tested and monitored safety and quality, you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage with a unique USP
  • Boost confidence in the quality of your products
  • Make it easier for your customers to decide which product to purchase
  • Gain confidence in terms of product liability

Our Tests

For your product testing, you have selected the highest priority for quality. After passing the test, your product is awarded the "LGA Tested Quality" mark.

"LGA Tested Quality" and "LGA Tested" – A Comparison

With our two neutral marks, you can show your customers that the product they select is a good choice. In the case of “LGA Tested Quality” it’s the comprehensive and lasting quality of the product. And in the case of "LGA Tested" it’s a specific feature of the product. Just ask our experts. We would be glad to tell you which mark is best for your product.

Our Testing Standards

  • Product safety regulation ((German) Product Safety Act, ProdSG)
  • EC directives, such as the Low-Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive or Machinery Directive
  • Applicable regulations and laws
  • Internal audit programs
  • Inspection of the instruction manual in accordance with EN 62079