Crisis Prevention for Employees

Expect the Unexpected

For employees in the service industries - tellers or sales staff, for instance - unforeseen events like robberies can be truly devastating. Which is why crisis management has to start before the fact. We can teach your employees how to behave in case of an emergency – so they can minimize risk and prevent an escalation of events. We can provide you with a framework for thinking about the unthinkable - and preparing for it. And we can demonstrate techniques for psychological and emotional recovery following a traumatic experience.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland crisis prevention training, you:

  • Demonstrate your sense of responsibility and care for your employees' well-being
  • Improve work climate and morale in your company
  • Help reduce psychosomatic effects on employees - by planning ahead
  • Take advantage of a training program tailored to suit your business needs
  • Get full cost transparency

The Content of the Seminar

Our TÜV Rheinland crisis specialists prepare your employees for whatever may come their way: from an attack to the possible consequences to self-help.

The Course of the Event

The first part of the training outlines the course of a typical attack. Heavy emphasis is placed on the employee's behavior toward the perpetrator. What does the perpetrator expect to happen during the attack? What should your employees try to do, within reason? What shouldn’t they do? And what can they do to try and gain some control over the situation? The main goal: do whatever it takes to prevent events from escalating.

Physical and Psychological Reactions

The second part of the seminar focuses on the emotional aspects of the situation. Anxiety and stress are discussed in great detail. By understanding the physical reactions to this type of event, you are better prepared to assess possible future consequences.


Finally, our experts outline the possible psychological consequences. Common symptoms are explained - and above all, our experts provide your employees with mechanisms for coping with the strain. We will demonstrate various self-help techniques - using both real-life examples and hands-on exercises.