Supply Chain Services

International projects today require accurate and extensive planning and monitoring through all phases in order to achieve successful project completion. Issues such as schedule delays or non-compliance of materials with required codes and standards can lead to massive problems, with the potential to both put critical project pricing in jeopardy and incur costly penalties, affecting contractors, investors and operators. TÜV Rheinland can help prevent such problems from occurring by providing support through each project phase with full and comprehensive supply chain services: from vendor selection and production through to shipment and installation. As well as supporting you in selecting the right supplier for your needs and providing technical inspections during production, we also assure safe and correct loading, shipment and discharge, as well as construction supervision at any location worldwide.

Expediting Services for Industrial Projects

Expediting Services

Ensure equipment, material, and components arrive at the right place, at the right time and function properly.

Project Monitoring

Site Supervision in Construction

Protect project value by ensuring quality and preventing delays with our construction site supervision services

Vendor Inspections

Vendor Inspections

Ensure that equipment you have purchased meets applicable regulations and satisfies your quality standards.