Pre-Shipment Inspection

Safe and Correct Shipment Thanks to Pre-Shipment Inspection

In today’s industry, success means the ability to offer the right products at the right time for a competitive price. To meet market demand, industrial manufacturers select their materials and suppliers from all over the world. With globalization, the risk increases of products and materials not being delivered on time and lacking the quality agreed in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. Different clients in different situations have the common need for a guarantee that ordered components, materials and equipment will be in line with given specifications.

To deal with these issues, an independent third party inspection by TÜV Rheinland can help industrial manufacturers with a professional pre-shipment inspection in order to ensure that goods and documentation are in conformity with orders and both local and contractual requirements.

Benefits of Pre-Shipment Inspection at a Glance

Our pre-shipment inspection services form part of our supply chain services and offer you:

  • Compliance of goods and documentation with order and regional, national or international safety standards.
  • Special knowledge in assuring quality of industrial equipment, machinery, components or products and material based on more than 140 years’ worth of history and experience.
  • Extensive experience gained in overall global projects in over 65 countries.
  • Large portfolio of services and know-how to deliver tailored solutions for individual clients.
  • One-stop-shop solutions to cover all your needs along the supply chain.

Please feel free to contact us at TÜV Rheinland to learn more about how our pre-shipment inspection can benefit your project.

Our Pre-Shipment Inspection Services for Your Goods

Pre-shipment inspection is a relevant service to ensure the safe transportation and quality of delivered goods. As many countries require that imported products are in compliance with regional, national and international safety standards, pre-shipment inspection can verify client conformity with all requirements.

Our experts for pre-shipment inspection can support your project with the following services prior to transport for your orders:

  • Visual inspection of quality and quantity.
  • Dimensional Inspection.
  • Documentation check including test reports, mill test certificates, ISO certificates and packing list.
  • Inspection of packaging and marking.
  • Documentation in a detailed report including pictures within shortest time.

National and International Packaging Directives

Within the scope of pre-shipment inspection services, the inspection of the packaging and marking of delivered goods is both fundamental and necessary. These inspection services are conducted according to the applicable national packaging directives.

HPE packaging guidelines

HPE packaging guidelines were developed by the Federal Association for Wooden Packages Pallets and Export Packaging (HPE) e.V. in Germany. The guidelines set out minimum standards for load and stress resistant packaging during the transport of technical goods in Germany. The aim of these guidelines is to ensure the protection of goods against hazards and stress during transport so that products reach their destination without damage.

Value Added Services Along the Supply Chain

No matter in which sector you operate – TÜV Rheinland’s supply chain services supports clients during Vendor Selection, Production, Shipment and Installation.

We help you to select qualified suppliers, assure the quality of materials and components and avoid delays in delivery. Our experts audit, inspect or verify according to your Inspection Test Plans, your specifications or applicable international codes and standards.

We also assure safe and correct loading, shipment and discharge at any location worldwide to ensure that you receive proper and undamaged goods and materials. Finally, we supervise and monitor all construction site activities.