Expediting Services for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ensure Timely Delivery with Expediting Services for Every Project

Today, procurement and project management for international projects face complex manufacturing and supply chain processes in a highly competitive and sensitive global market. From delays in material supply to difficulties in the timely delivery of final components – delivery obstruction can result in a critical increase in project pricing as well as unsatisfied clients.

Project expediting services help to minimize risks and avoid costly penalties. To achieve the project goals, field and desk expediting should form a major part of professional project planning and management.

TÜV Rheinland, with decades of experience, is a recognized provider of supply chain services, including expediting services. Manufacturers and suppliers profit from our comprehensive expediting services throughout the production phase, encompassing seamless coordination of expediting with all suppliers, prompt identification of threats and bottlenecks and critical avoidance of late deliveries and corresponding penalties.

Benefits of Our Expediting Services at a Glance

TÜV Rheinland’s comprehensive expediting services offer you:

  • Strong support in fulfilling your commitment to client needs and construction schedules.
  • Support in achieving settled milestone payments.
  • In time identification of threats and bottlenecks thanks to expediting visits.
  • Recognition and elimination of critical deviations in early phase.
  • Avoidance of late deliveries and hence penalties.
  • Prevention of long capital stock to assure company reliability and integrity.

Please feel free to contact us at TÜV Rheinland to learn more about how our expediting services can benefit your organization.

Our Project Expediting Services

We consider expediting a value-added service utilized to inspect manufacturers and assess manufacturing production plans and capacity during the whole production process. Our employees and experts offer manufacturers and suppliers a full range of expediting services to ensure that final delivery is made on time, including but not limited to:

  • Verification against contractual conditions and actual project status.
  • Monitoring production progress and identifying areas of concern.
  • Progress reporting.

Field Expediting

Our experts for expediting services support your project on site. With expediting visits at the manufacturer’s site, expediters review the exact current status of orders and future project planning. Field expediting, conducted on site as a third party inspection, supports clients by verifying scheduled progress and providing immediate feedback in identifying potential bottlenecks and threats which could eventually result in delays and hence incur financial loss.

Desk Expediting

Desk expediting is a vital part of expediting services. Also known as phone expediting, it is a valuable tool for monitoring order progress with a manufacturer, especially at specific milestones points in the schedule. Desk expediting is best used in combination with field expediting in order to assure project schedules and therefore ensure timely delivery.

Value Added Services Along the Supply Chain

No matter in which sector you operate – TÜV Rheinland’s supply chain services support clients during Vendor Selection, Production, Shipment and Installation.

We help you to select qualified suppliers, assure the quality of materials and components and avoid delivery delays. Our experts audit, inspect or verify according to your Inspection Test Plans, your specifications or applicable international codes and standards.

We also assure safe and correct loading, shipment and discharge at any location worldwide to ensure that you receive proper and undamaged goods and materials. Finally, we supervise and monitor all construction site activities.

Expediting Services for Various Industries

With our ongoing global exchange of experience and permanent cooperations with various technical and scientific institutions, our experts boast highly technical knowledge and experience in expediting services. Our third party inspection services support project planning and management for the client, hence ensuring final delivery on time. Our expediting experts can support projects within the following industries:

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