High Temperature NDT Inspection Services

High Temperature NDT Inspection Overview

Plant operators strive to maximize the availability of their assets and reduce incidents of shutdown. In addition, construction companies would like to know if any significant flaws are present when the welds are partially filled in order to carry out any repairs relatively easily. We at TÜV Rheinland understand these issues and have spent several years developing methods to carry out inspections under high temperature conditions. With our high temperature NDT services you will be able to make informed decision on necessary repairs and maintenance or gain confidence that the remaining weld fill can be completed in the knowledge that any possible expensive repairs are minimized.

Our main considerations whilst carrying out high temperature NDT inspections is to achieve data reproducibility and accuracy, to meet inspection objectives and to ensure personnel safety. For this reason, a suitable detailed planning of inspection procedures that considers customer specified requirements is of outmost importance. We pay special attention to inspection set up and carry out pre-site validation work by working on comparable materials and geometries in order to ensure correct performance. You can experience the same thoroughness in the execution of the inspection itself. We of course assist you with the interpretation of inspection results and creation of inspection reports.

Due to our extensive experience, our highly skilled, qualified technicians and experts offer specific competences in the field of high temperature testing up to 500°C.

TÜV Rheinland Sonovation is part of the TÜV Rheinland Group specialized in providing a complete range of advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) services. In addition to operating a competence center for advanced NDT based in the Netherlands, it maintains branches in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Acknowledged as leaders in the field, TÜV Rheinland Sonovation invests heavily in R&D and operates an accredited training school for advanced NDT as well as offering its expert services globally.

Benefits of Our High Temperature NDT Inspection Services at a Glance

Using our high temperature NDT inspection services you get:

  • Reduced production losses as inspection of an industrial plant can be carried out online.
  • Tested inspection limits allied with best possible accuracies.
  • Highest consideration of your health, safety and environment (HSE) rules.
  • Thorough, preparation and planning of the inspection procedure.
  • Digitised inspection records for future reference and verification.
  • TÜV Rheinland´s exclusive one-stop-shop services.

High Temperature NDT Inspection Approach

Our basic approach is to make appropriate and detailed plans of procedures well before the actual inspection process. Detailed attention is typically given in order to organize inspection set ups. In case of time of flight diffraction (TOFD) and phased array (PA) inspections we pay special attention to the calculation of wedge angles which are significantly affected by velocity changes in the material caused by high temperatures. Typically for TOFD, a probe centre separation and relevant ultrasonic characteristics such as transducer diameter and frequency must also be taken into consideration.

Emphasis is placed during the pre-site validation work on comparable materials. Typically, tests are carried out on a test specimen at incremental steps of 10 degrees either side of the required inspection temperature in order to ensure optimum ultrasonic performance. Continuous monitoring of couplant performance is carried out, with the primary challenge remaining the maintenance of efficient coupling with the material. To this end, an adequate couplant medium is required which offers the appropriate viscosity at the required inspection temperature. Another challenge is to maintain the probes and probe shoes under a full technical specification. Special precautions such as probe cooling are also taken into account.

High Temperature NDT Inspection Application Range

Our high temperature NDT inspection can be used for:

  • Non intrusive inspections.
  • Inspection of partially filled welds during the construction process at the preheat temperature.
  • Defect detection.
  • Defect monitoring.
  • Corrosion assessment with Seescan corrosion mapping .
  • Thickness testing with spot checking.
  • Corrosion screening and monitoring under insulation with PEC

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