Certification According to EN/AS 9100 ff.

Quality Assurance in the Aerospace Industry

The EN/AS 9100 ff. standard incorporates all branches of the aerospace industry: from developing to manufacturing equipment.

Once you gain an EN 9100, 9110 or 9120 certification, your company will be registered in the OASIS database (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) of the International Aerospace Quality Group IAQG. This registration is obligatory for most reputable manufacturers' suppliers and service providers. It provides a proper basis when catering for international clientele. At the same time, it helps you establish a quality management system that will continually improve your processes and the quality of your product in the long-term.

EN/AS 9100 ff.-series Standards

Certification Description
EN/AS 9100 for development, production, manufacturing, installation, construction, and maintenance
EN/AS 9110 for maintenance operations and service organizations
EN /AS 9120 for traders, storekeepers, and distribution

Benefits at a Glance

A TÜV Rheinland EN/AS 9100 ff. certificate enables you to:

  • Gain trust and adhere to global standards
  • Improve your company's customer focus, increasing the level of customer satisfaction
  • Assure quality and improve your competitive position
  • Improve efficiency within your company
  • Comply with the requirements of the international aerospace industry

Just Six Steps to Qualitative Improvement in the Aerodynamic Industry

1. Preliminary Audit

The auditors start by conducting a preliminary audit to determine to which extent your processes already fulfill specification requirements.

2. Document Review

The audit team then examines whether or not your quality management documentation already fulfills standard requirements.

3. Certification Audit

The customer demonstrates the practical implementation of his management system. Our auditors assess its effectiveness.

4. Issue of Certificate

If your company fulfils all of the criteria, you are then awarded the certificate, showing that your management system is functional and conforms with the specification requirements.

5. Surveillance Audits

Our annual surveillance audits support our customers and help them optimize their processes continuously.

6. Certification Renewal

Every three years the audit is repeated for certification renewal. This ensures continued improvement in your processes and also documents the quality of the services you provide your partners and customers over the long-term.

Highest Level of Safety for all Areas

An EN 9100, EN 9110 or EN 9120 approved quality management system protects all areas of the company. It monitors:

  • Product function and construction status over the product's entire lifespan.
  • Traceability of all raw materials, materials, procedures, and tools you use, as well as personnel you deploy – the definition of safety and function in accordance with customers and authorities.
  • Risk analysis and assessment during implementation of new technologies.