Certification According to SCC / SCP

Safety Management for Technical Service Providers and Contractors

The objective of the SCC (safety certificate contractors) certification: to reduce the number of accidents. The standard defines clear parameters for the frequency of accidents and focuses on calculating up-to-date accident statistics. Originally developed for the oil industry, SCC has also proven itself in other sectors. As a technical or personnel service provider, holistic management of occupational safety, health safety and environment protection accelerates your own work processes.

Occupational Safety Tailored for Any Size of Company

We certify the SCC standard in two steps by means of a questionnaire. The scope of the audit and the number of mandatory questions depends on the number of employees in your company. If your company numbers fewer than 35, you are awarded the limited certificate, SCC*. If your company is larger, you will be certified SCC**. As summarized in the SCP standard, other requirements apply to personnel service providers.

Benefits at a Glance

SCC and SCP certification for your occupational safety management enables you to:

  • Improve security awareness among your employees
  • Dispense with the need to provide detailed, itemized documents to clients
  • Provide systematic training for employees and managers

Six Steps to More Occupational Safety

1. Preliminary Audit (optional)

The auditors conduct a preliminary audit to determine whether any requirements associated with this standard have already been implemented in your company and, if so, which ones.

2. Examination of Documentation

The auditing team determines the extent to which documentation of your occupational safety management already concurs with SCC / SCP requirements.

3. Certification Audit

You demonstrate practical application of your occupational health management system. Our auditors test its effectiveness.

4. Issue of Certificate

Once all criteria have been met, your company is then awarded the certificate, showing the integrity of your company’s occupational safety management system and its compliance with the SCC / SCP.

5. Surveillance Audits

Our annual surveillance audits help you continuously optimize your processes.

6. Certification Renewal

The revision audit is carried out after three years and helps you implement continuous improvement processes. This demonstrates your long-term commitment to greater safety at the workplace to your partners and customers.

Steadily Moving toward an Integrated Strategy

Benefit from additional synergies by incorporating your occupational health and safety management system within an integrated management system strategy. For instance, combine it with a quality management system, with environmental protection certifications, or with an industry-specific standard.