Certification According to § 41 EEG 2012

Save Energy and Costs with the Compensation Scheme

Is your business in the manufacturing industry? Is it electricity intensive? With a certified energy management system, you stand to benefit from the hardship or compensation scheme. After successful certification, you can significantly reduce the costs of adopting renewable energy - with an application to the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control), or BAFA for short. The reporting date is always June 30. Just ask our experts. We will support you during the renewable energy regulations (§ 41, clause 1, no. 4 Erneuerbare Energie Gesetz (EEG) 2012) certification process.

Benefits at a Glance

With renewable energy regulations (§ 41 of EEG 2012) certification from TÜV Rheinland you can:

  • Tap additional potential for cost savings
  • Optimize your corporate image
  • Increase transparency of your company's energy-related processes
  • Motivate your employees
  • Gain an extra acquisition tool

Four Steps to More Energy Efficiency

Our experts analyze and assess your processes and systems. In four steps.

1. Preliminary Audit (optional)

In their preliminary analysis, including a site inspection, our auditors determine whether any of the requirements associated with this standard have already been implemented in your company and, if so, which ones.

2. Audit

In the certification audit phase, we examine compliance of your company with the requirements of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. You demonstrate how your company applies energy management in practice, and our auditors test how effective it is.

3. Issue of Certificate

If your company meets all of the criteria, your company then receives confirmation of certification, proving its effectiveness and conformity with the requirements of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. This certification shows that you have met the requirements of renewable energy regulation (§41, clause 1, no. 4 in connection with §2 part 2 EEG 2012).

4. Certification Renewal

After one year, the audit is repeated for certification renewal, ensuring continued improvement in your processes.

Already have a Certified Energy Management System

Have you already ISO 14001 or EMAS certified your company or any of your company's business units, which apply for the compensation scheme? Then all you need is an additional certificate. If we have already ISO 14001 certified your company, we can issue you this certificate following a successful additional audit. And companies that are EMAS certified can even fully waive this requirement.

The Road to ISO 14001 or EMAS without Certification

Even if your company is not yet ISO 14001 or EMAS certified, we can offer an independent review of the requirements under renewable energy regulations (§ 41, clause 1, no. 4 of Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (EEG) 2012). Just ask our experts. They are your direct contacts for all energy efficiency and energy management matters.