Setting up IS Awareness

Live Demo creates Long-Term Security Awareness

To ensure your employees are aware of security risks and know how to deal with breaches and violations prudently, knowledge transfer is vital. Besides ensuring that the right knowledge is available where it should be, it is also important to provide incentives that promote changes to behavior. In “live hacking” events, our security experts provide a clear and compelling demonstration of the tricks that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities. The live demo generates interest and awareness among your employees. It underscores the importance of IT security and lays the foundations for subsequent knowledge transfer.

Combined Campaigns reinforce Security Awareness

“Live hacking” events can be carried out as part of an integrated, tailored security campaign. Our combined campaigns take motivational, emotional, and cognitive aspects into account – instilling in employees a positive approach to security over the long-term. The TÜV Rheinland security campaign consists of various different modules that can be combined as required:

  1. Information events for management and selected employees
  2. Live hacking event at an employee event
  3. E-learning software
  4. Organized activity days for employees
  5. Communication measures (e.g. posters, flyers, info sheets)
  6. Subsequent recommendations for use of these components

Benefits at a Glance

With our awareness campaigns you can:

  • Increase IT expertise and awareness in your company
  • Apply an IT security strategy to reduce the number of security breaches and lower the costs of security violations
  • Fully apply your IT security measures with support from your employees

Minimizing IT Security Risks in Three Steps

Our experts run the awareness campaigns in three steps:

  1. They plan and define the campaign contents.
  2. They implement the awareness measures.
  3. They document the measures and provide recommended actions based on their findings.