Elevator Inspection

Going Up Safely

An elevator has to operate safely and reliably. To make sure it stays that way, our experts are here to support you in the manufacture and operation of your elevator systems. As an authorized inspection agency, we can carry out all legally required elevator inspections for you. In addition, we help you in matters related to elevator design and construction as well as modification. Our employees can also conduct training courses for elevator operators.

Benefits at a Glance

Our services, which cover all aspects of elevator systems, help you:

  • Reduce installation costs right from the planning phase
  • Ensure a high level of safety and prevent accidents
  • Maintain the value of your equipment
  • Identify hidden defects or material wear early on
  • Comply with the requirements of industrial safety and health regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, or BetrSichV)

Our Range of Elevator Inspections

  • Personnel elevators
  • Elevators for disabled persons
  • Freight elevators
  • Construction elevators
  • Facade elevators
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Cable elevators

Our Inspection and Support Services

Operation of Elevators

  • Inspection prior to initial operation
    As an authorized inspection agency, we inspect elevators prior to commissioning and before their initial operation. This is a legal requirement based on industrial safety and health regulations (§ 14 of the BetrSichV), which classifies elevators as “equipment that requires monitoring.”
  • Periodic inspections
    As an authorized inspection agency, we also conduct periodic elevator inspections and provide you with a safety evaluation. If your elevator is used in a work setting for professional purposes, our experts also prepare a risk assessment. Besides undertaking all necessary inspections, we evaluate the condition of your equipment specific to assembly, installation, and installation conditions, as well as the safety and reliability of its operation.

Elevator Planning and Conformity Assessment

All new elevator systems are subject to the safety and health requirements of both the European elevator directive and the machinery directive. As a manufacturer, you can choose whether to comply with commonly applied standards, such as EN 81-1/2, or to exceed them with your own technical solutions. Our experts can assist you during the planning phase and to assess the conformity of your elevators.

Support During Elevator Construction and Modification

If, as elevator owner or manufacturer, you have planned to install or modify an elevator in a building, we can assist you right from the beginning with the search for high-quality, inexpensive, esthetically appealing, safe, and reliable solutions.

Other Expert Services

  • Preliminary review of construction documents
  • Expert assessment of personal and material damage and evaluation of dangerous perating conditions
  • Expert assessment of individual components, such as emergency call systems
  • Summary of results in an expert report and preparation of an inspection report
  • Conformity evaluation
  • Assessment of risk analyses

Standards on Which Our Services Are Based

  • Risk assessments according to industrial safety and health regulations (§ 3 of the BetrSichV)
  • Safety evaluation to determine inspection intervals in compliance with industrial safety and health regulations (§ 15 of the BetrSichV)
  • Type examinations of elevators that comply with Annex V of elevator directive 95/16/EC
  • Certification of quality assurance systems that complies with elevator directive 95/16/EC
  • Inspection for placement on the market that conforms to Annex X of elevator directive 95/16/EC
  • Inspection for placement on the market that conforms to Annex VI of elevator directive 95/16/EC
  • Inspection within the framework of the manufacturer quality assurance system in conformance with Annex XIII of elevator directive 95/16/EC
  • Machinery directive 2006/42/EC